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CMN Faculty and Alumni Attend State Conference

October 4, 2016

On September 22, 23, and 24, EIU Faculty member Dr. Rich Jones, current MA candidate Jamie Alexander, and several EIU alumni (Clinton Brown, Emily Vajjala, and Alyssa Obradovich) presented at the Illinois Communication and Theatre Association’s annual convention in Lisle, IL.

Jones, Brown, and Obradovich also serve on the Board of Directors for ICTA. Dr. Jones is in his fourth year as the Higher Education Chair. Clinton Brown (BA 2013, MA 2015) is the Student Representative. Alyssa Obradovich (BA 2008, MA 2011) is the Higher Education PR/Membership Representative.


Emily Vajjala (BA 2010, MA 2014) received the L.E. Norton Outstanding Higher Education Speech Student Award. Her MA advisor, Rich Jones, nominated her for the award and presented it to her.



Jones, Clinton, Obradovich, and Vajjala presented on the panel titled: Mentor/Mentee Fresh! Establishing and Evolving Mentor Relationships in Higher Education.

Obradovich presented on a panel titled: The First Day of Class: Creating a Climate for Community Learning.

Jones presented on a panel titled: Teaching Critical Thinking Across the Discipline.