Speech Team Member Austin Mejdrich Named EIU’s Real Panther of the Week

Eastern Illinois University recognized Speech Team standout Austin Mejdrich as its Real Panther of the Week. Mejdrich recently was one of the student organizers of the Fund EIU Rally and delivered a truly memorable speech to the 2,000 individuals in attendance.

Direct from EIU:

“Meet this week’s #RealPanther, Austin Mejdrich. We couldn’t ask for a better advocate for EIU than this junior political science major.

Austin – as one of the student leaders of the Fund EIU Rally – not only helped organize the rally in six days, but also gave an impassioned speech that ignited cheers from more than 2,000 students, staff and community members.

Like most of our students, Austin is involved with a variety of campus activities, from speech team to organizing activism for higher education and his passion for EIU is contagious. A Charleston native himself, Austin understands more than anyone the connection between Charleston and EIU. When Austin isn’t studying or supporting campus, he works at a local business, Towne Square Jewelers.

His motivation for supporting EIU simply comes from his love of the EIU way of life, where someone will go out of your way to open a door or say hello. “I don’t want to see any of the culture of Eastern die,” he said.

Austin, you are EIU!”


Photo courtesy of EIU’s official Facebook page.


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