Professor Wins University Award for Contributions in Teaching, Research and Service

Associate Professor Richard Jones, Jr. won an Achievement and Contribution Award in recognition of his productive year of teaching, research, and service.

In the area of teaching, Jones routinely receives exceptionally positive evaluations from his students, both undergraduate and graduate. Additionally, Jones has been teaching communication teachers at EIU since 2010. As the Basic Course Director he teaches masters how to teach CMN 1310, Introduction to Speech Communication. Jones_Headshot_2012

In the area of research, Jones had several publications during the 2014-2015 school year including a book, a peer-reviewed journal article and a chapter in an edited volume.

Kendall-Hunt published his course manual and resource book “CMN 1310: An Introduction to Speech Communication.” The peer-reviewed journal “Qualitative Inquiry” published his article “Queering the Body Politic: Interactional Reflexivity in the Body Narratives of Queer Men.” He also contributed a chapter to the edited volume “Critical Articulations of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation.”

Through his website “Communication in the Real World” ( he reaches an average of 3,304 unique visitors a month. Due to his excellence in research and reach of this research, the journal “Departures in Critical Qualitative Research” invited him to join the guest editorial board.

In the area of service, Jones continues to excel in community and university service/involvement. He was a member of eight university service committees including the Making Inclusive Excellence Team, the Committee on Disabilities Initiatives, and the CAA Learning Goals Committee. On the departmental level, he was a member of five committees including the Department Personnel Committee, the Basic Course Committee, and the Assessment Committee.

In the discipline, Jones reviewed manuscripts for six journals including “Feminist Media Studies,” “Qualitative Research in Sports Studies” and “Urban Studies.” In the Charleston community, Jones acted in, directed, and produced theatre for the Community Theatre of Charleston and Central Illinois Stage Company. Additionally, he led a Safe Zone training presentation for the Charleston High School Faculty.

Jones previously won an Achievement and Contribution Award for service in 2013 and for balanced (teaching/research/service) in 2011.



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