Communication Studies honors three retiring faculty members


Three faculty members in the E. I. U. Department of Communication are retiring at the end of the 2013-14 academic year:

  • Dr. Melanie Mills joined the Eastern faculty in 1985, teaching interpersonal and organizational communication classes as well as conducting research centered around occupational culture studies and work identities.  In 2013, she received the Distinguished Faculty Award from the E.I.U. Faculty Senate.  Dr. Mills intends to continue living in Charleston, where she is involved in a number of community service activities.
  • Dr. Shirley Bell came to Eastern in 1995 and has taught numerous courses in interpersonal communication and public speaking, while conducting research on conversational analysis.  She received awards for outstanding teaching on three occasions.  Dr. Bell plans to continue living in Mattoon.
  • Jim Coleman began teaching at Eastern in 2001 and joined the Department of Communication Studies in 2003.  He has taught courses in Applied Communication, Public Speaking, and led Study Abroad trips to Ireland.  He plans to continue living in Charleston and pursue his hobby of sailing.




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