Student Awards Reception Held


The EIU Communication Studies Department held its 2013 Awards Reception on April 28th.  The reception honored students who have received scholarships or won department awards and contests:

Outstanding Senior:  Heewon Shin

Outstanding Junior:  Anna Percival

Inspired Achievement Award:  Conner Cox

Outstanding Graduate Students:  Stephanie Gruner & Jessica McDonald

Betty Lou Balasi Scholarship:  Kelly Ann Hennessey

Kenneth Hadwiger Undergraduate Scholarship:  Drew Borzi

Kenneth Hadwiger Graduate Scholarship:  Emily Vajjala

Christine & Larry Helsel Public Relations Scholarship:  Sarah Lueken

John J. Hopkins Memorial Speech Education Scholarship:  Gina Burnett

Carol Manhart Scholarship:  Samantha Devermann

Ralph Y. McGinnis Scholarship:  Ashley Gocken

Jack L. Payan Scholarships:  Wade Dundee & Jenna Esgar

John E. & Mary J. Price Scholarship:  Kristen Dunbar

J. Glenn Ross Scholarship:  Clinton Brown

Outstanding Lab Assistant:  Lindsey James

Doug Bock Undergraduate Research Contest:

  • 1st Place:  Clinton Brown
  • 2nd Place: Heewon Shin
  • 3rd Place:  Megan Sweeney

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